Hay Day Cheats: Tips and Tricks for your farm!

hay day hack cheats online tool

Hay Day Cheats: 

They all love: In fun mobile game Hay Day can raise anyone his own farm, raise pigs, cows and chickens and work your way to the Farmer. We now have a few Hay Day Cheats collected for you, with whom you your farm pushes faster and better!

Hay Day Cheats: How do I get more diamonds: 

According Netzwelt.de there is a great Hay Day cheat abzukassieren diamonds. If you check in GoldMine or find a treasure chest and really want to have a diamond, then turn following to trick:

  • not Start, first activate the flight mode
  • Now run the action (mine prospecting, open treasure chest, etc.)Did you Hay Day diamonds found?
  • found diamond? Then the flight mode switch off again
  • Has your mobile internet again, then read on the diamond and call to another farm, thus Hay Day stores Have you found no gems? 

  • If you have no diamonds found, then wait for the error message that appears, because you are not connected to the Internet.
  • Clasp Hay Day and disable Airplane mode. Now you can zurpck to the farm and repeat all until you have a diamond found!

    You can download the whole course apply if you are looking for gold coins, boards or nails!Repeat the action until you find what you look for!

    Hay Day Cheats: More points:

    Pst: Want to ascend more points and faster to the next level? Then execute tasks, sell your things to the visitors by editing the orders at the Tafe. While this raises less money from, but a lot more points.  In Hay Day Forum to see even more Hay Day cheats, tips and tricks for Game. 


boom beach tips and tricks

Hello everyone and welcome to this new section with  the best guides and tricks to Boom Beach . We could start our series of guides without starting with the basics and absolutely necessary, create our island Boom Beach . Although we have a guide for this school we will review it .

  • When starting the game you have to put a name, eye because you can not change it once you’ve created your island.
  • Then the guide will tell you to build a tower sharpshooter. This tower will use it to defend the island from enemies which will then appear.
  • After defend your island from enemy attack, the guide will tell you need to build troops and landing craft in which will keep more troops.
  • Finally you will attack an island using your troops and artillery using your boat, which uses energy to be consumed and increase as perform attacks.

Important . When you destroy an enemy island, you will receive resources and medals, which serve to increase your score on the global and local ranking  If the enemy can not defeat all your troops, troops left over back to your base , if in Clash of Clans does not happen when you attack your enemies.

  • Having destroyed the enemy you see the map and will be surrounded by clouds. These clouds will be removed using the Radar building our base.
  • When you release an island of enemies, this island will give us a lot of gold as payment and this gold come to your island by boats resources that appear on your beach.

It was time to strengthen our island Boom Beach

When we started the game on our island are the  Headquarters a Sawmill and Housing .

There are three types of constructions Boom Beach

  1. Economy : Here are the buildings that generate resources, which we will use to build buildings and make improvements.
  2. Defense : In this building that will protect our base of enemy attacks are.
  3. Support : Here are buildings like the Armoury to improve your units and landing craft to store them .You also sing a submarine with which you can get sunken treasure.

Important : In Boom Beach build your Troops in landing craft.

You have to know that the Headquarters is the main building in our database and can only be built one building at a time, these can be built with your resources or you can build them with gems which are obtained in chests that appear daily on the map or either by purchasing them at the store. Each time improvements The Headquarters will  unlock new buildings and improvements.

If the HQ  is destroyed during a battle you will lose the battle and your enemy will steal your resources. Is essential to protect the headquarters , surround it with your defenses to avoid being destroyed your base.Also remember that every time you destroy a building the GHQ  lose health.

Five tricks to start well Boom Beach

  1. The first thing to do is build the missing links in your village buildings, Radar and store Oro .
  2. If you have many resources you will see that in buildings small green arrows appear, they indicate that you have sufficient resources to improve it.
  3. As you progress in the game you will have to improve your defenses, buildings and support resources. If you do not have enough to build or make improvements in a building resources, you have the option of cutting down trees and make wood to get your homework. Some trees will need some level ofHeadquarters  to achieve carve.
  4.  As you get increased level Headquarters  is recommended that top the landing crafts and Gunship to make improvements attacks, it is clear that you have to also focus on the fenders and other buildings in your base to protect the headquarters,  it is very important .
  5. Separate your buildings. When you move from place to place your buildings small boxes that allow you to improve the location of the buildings appear. It is essential that buildings do not join as a missile attack can affect several buildings that is together. Separate buildings one or two tables away from them, but not separate yourself much. When attacking an enemy do the opposite, destroys buildings are united and thus more easily destroy them will achieve and gain more energy for your gunship.

So far our first guide on how to build your Boom Beach hack Island , we hope to serve you much help and keep on reading future issues.

How to beat your colleagues online game Agar.io

agario tips and tricks for grow bigger

For three months, a game for less summary brings down the productivity of thousands of users worldwide. Available in your browser, Agar.io takes the game of cat and mouse and prompt dozens of people to participate simultaneously. Created by a US developer known under the pseudonym Zeach, the game has now been sold to the company Miniclip, specializing in online games. Thousands of players are constantly connected to the site. In Europe, where Agar.io is the most popular, tens of thousands of players are present daily on the game.

Each player starts by controlling a small cell and starts to “eat” small pellets to make the mass. Its goal is to grow enough to start eating other players (who must be smaller than him) and further extend its grip on the board. It must deal with the other competitors, but also with the virus, medium sized balls will burst the bigger players in pieces, leaving them vulnerable. Finally, each player loses mass.

Everyone wants to obviously become the largest cell of the game and the competition is tough. The “leaderboard” the table of the 10 most impressive players, is difficult to achieve, and places are constantly moving. There are several tricks to get by, but all require training.

Be offensive

The key area that can be cut into two equal parts is the best offense. According to the direction in which the player is, he can catch a flight to the opposing cell. Beware though, the two separate cells refusionneront that after some time the player is more vulnerable to bigger competitors. Finally, we must evaluate the size of his opponent and the size will be done after separation to not miss a shot.

Namely make concessions

The ability to separate into two is not just for attacking. Over a cell is, the more it is slow. Also, a hunted player sometimes has every incentive to get smaller to survive. With good reflexes, it is also possible to use the propulsion provided by the separation to dodge an attack.

Leverage virus

The biggest players fear the virus because they can pop them into pieces, eliminating their advantage. First, it is possible to replicate the virus over shooting them multiple times with the W button This attack is useful to pop the bigger players and make them vulnerable. Finally, the early part players do not burst in contact with the virus before it reaches a certain size, so they are useful for refuge and protection from bigger players.

Beware of teams

It happens to come across players who help each other to monopolize the scoreboard. The biggest is, for example, fed by his friends who come voluntarily to be eaten. Others will put spokes in the wheels of the other players to support their team. Difficult to fight against this phenomenon, unfortunately, but better avoid being faced with two team members at a time.

Many other tips are available on various blogs and forums on Reddit (in English).

Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Hack Cheats for Money


Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Hack Android iOS:

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Download Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Hack for Android/iOS! Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Hack doesn’t have some sort of tutorial for the user to play to understand the game. Instead, you are made to learn the controls all on your own. Luckily, the game lets you know that you only need to tap the left side of the display to park on the left, and tap the right part of the screen to park on the right. The controls are super simple, but the timings and dynamics of the game are extremely complicated. Now, Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas doesn’t offer any in app purchases. There is no monetary system in the game right now. There is no customization system in the game or anything to give players to work towards. The game simply challenges players by attempting to beat their previous high score.

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Cheats for Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Hacks:

Perhaps letting them pick what city they want to drive in would be a great addition, or letting them customize all of the autos that are in the game. I think a little tweaking in that section would go a ways. As far as sound effects go, they’re ok at best. The sound when you sucesfully park the vehicle into the area is rewarding, but I think it would be better if there was some type of progression. For example, for hitting 5 spots in a row that a more cheerful sound plays demonstrating you that you have made progress would be great. Those small sounds and details would go a long way and users generally enjoy the feeling they have made some progress. Through using our Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Cheats hack engine, you’ll get extra gold and different resources with single click on. This program works on every android and ios platforms. Plus no origin or jailbreak required. Want endless gadgets on this particular game, try our Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas Cheats.

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  2. Assemble a powerful kingdom and defend it with lethal traps! In Clash of Crime Mad San Andreas you can also spy your enemies as a means to plan the most effective assault.
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Clash of crime Mad San Andreas hack



piano tiles 2

How to get high score tiles piano 2 – Tips & Tricks:

Tiles Piano 2 (Do not touch the white mosaic 2) is the new talk of the town game available on Android and iPhone. If you have already played this game, then you must be knowing that a high score in this game is not as easy as it seems. The basic concept of this game is to tap the black tiles and missed the one. Not as easy as you think it would be. a high level of dedication and keen concentration needed to do. If you are also one of them who is struggling hard to get a high score satisfactory and are looking at how high score tiles piano 2 – Tips and tricks, then you came to the right place. I’ve shared some tips and tricks to win at the top of Piano Tiles 2 (No tap the white tile 2) game.
Read below to know how to score high tiles piano 2 – Tips and Tricks.

There are five points to consider when playing piano Blue Jays 2 order high score.

1. Use two fingers: If you are one of those who prefer to use a finger while playing games smartphone, then surely miss behind it. No matter, it is the speed with index finger or thumb, which will always be slow with your finger.Therefore, trying to master himself in the use of two fingers, or thumbs or forefingers. The question is here is that preferred; so do not be confused. Try using index finger during playback on iPad and thumbs on the iPhone or Android. It would be helpful to divide the board into two pieces and one finger of each half is assigned.

2. Slow Start and pick up the pace: Running directly in Arcade mode or Rush surely be a foolish decision. Instead of jumping to the fastest modes, go slow, to recover the pace and then go for the fastest. Piano tiles 2 is a game of rhythm and starting with the Classic or Zen mode whenever you comfortable for a long term.

3. Take advantage of the rest Rest: It is a point of millions of dollars while playing Piano Tiles 2. Never hesitate to use the reminder function. Press the More button in the main menu and set the timer for the reminder rest. Many people prefer to use 5-7 minutes, but the selection of 10 minutes would be a good choice as well. You can choose any option between 5-10 minutes, depending on your need. Always remember to rest your eyes regularly. It will surely help high score on piano tiles 2.

4. Change your fingers: If you think that using two index fingers or two thumbs is not an ideal option to return to try something new what suits you. I’ve seen a lot of people who use unique combination of fingers and doing very well in this game.

5. Become a master of A First Floor: The most challenging game modes are Arcade modes, precipitation and retransmission. Therefore, try to master one of them to play again and again. And you will realize that they could get better with time. Once you reach perfection skill, your own high score will surprise you .

6. Do not trbeat the best scores on the leaderboard: If you are overwhelmed by high scores on the leaderboard and try to reach that level. Then, I must inform you that these results are not real. They are false! These people have used some kind of tricks, cracks or cuts to babble their scores. Use your common sense and ignore these scores. Instead of going after them focus on the results of actual appearance.

7. Remove ads and then play: Sometimes, ads often frustrating game and interferes with your game-play. So, turn off your Internet data and then play in order to get rid of the intruders ads. It will surely help you stand out more in the tables piano tile 2 hack .

8. Clean the screen and then play: Sometimes it is possible that the sensitivity of the screen may be disrupted due to screen impure. Therefore, clean the screen or replace your furry screen cover (if any) and then play this game to give the best. Note ending! That’s all for now, folks. It’s time to say goodbye! I hope you liked this article “how high score tiles piano 2 – Tips & Tricks”.

Batman v Superman – 4D cinema can you smell the Film & feel

On the hunt for the biggest box office success promises Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a most immersive movie experience. Not only the long-awaited film will be shown in 3D, but even 4DX. The specially equipped theaters in New York City add to the picture and sound added many other sensations, such as Screen Rant writes. So the South Korean manufacturer promises moving seats, vibrations, gusts of wind, rain, lightning, fog, bubbles, snow and odors. Viewers therefore can be sure that they are quite shaken at the end of the 151-minute action spectacle and possibly even wet (just think of the many rain scenes in the trailers).

What effects are exactly the application is not yet known. It is likely that the seat vibrates when the Batmobile rushes past or the seat madly back and forth shaking when the two title characters meet. Perhaps viewers can also burned tires and destroyed skyscrapers smell and sprinkled with rain. We’ll find out when Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice launches in the US on 03/25/2016. A day earlier, the film takes this country.

The 4DX technology from South Korea has been applied since of 2009. Movies likeTransformers 4: era of destruction , Captain America 2: The Return of the First Avengerand Kingsman: The Secret Service were among the first films that have been enhanced by 4D effects. In Germany we know 4D best of leisure and film parks such as Europa Park or the Filmpark Babelsberg. The films that will be expanded there with drizzle and vibration were specially filmed for this purpose. The new technology of 4DX should be copied from the parks in the normal cinema 4D. A suitably equipped facilities in Germany is still missing, but at least planned (via The World ).

Would you still often lure to the movies 4DX movies?

Comment below and watch full movie Batman v Superman via the link.

Clash Royale The Game Of 2K16

clash royale tips tricks and cheats`

If you played  Clash of Clans , the famous strategy game Supercell, then you should know how addictive it is. Well, now  e l same developer has released a new game called  Clash Royale . The characters in Clash Royale are very similar to Clash of Clans, but the design of the game and the game itself are quite different. Clash Royale has a system of attack mode duel in real time and aims to collect as many as possible to unlock new characters cards. In addition, we also find a game mode tipi struggle and progress as the game, they are unlocked more and more ways and spaces! According to the official blog, ClashRoyale is only available for iOS  for now, but soon also be released for other platforms like Android and Windows Mobile . Clash Royale is only available in some countries, including Canada, Hong Kong, Australia, Sweden, Norway Denmark, Iceland, Finland and New Zealand. The developer has clarified that Clash Royale is  Clash of Clans 2  and is a totally different experience with a new way to play and achieve goals.

 In addition to the characters in Clash of  Clans , which appear in Clash Royale to thedelight of his fans, Clash Royale also has princes , knights , dragons , babies and many other new characters . This new game is more interesting and more fun than  Clash of Clans , according to the first assessments offered by Supercell . The new game retains certain features of Clash of Clans, suchas feature of the construction of the clan and the possibility of sharing resources among players, in this case letters instead of troops. But there is everything its resemblance! Clash Royale is unique and novel Supercell, and we look forward to spread to the rest of the world and mobile platforms. Here we provide some screenshots of the game. Tell us what you think!

Features Royale Clash

  • Earn rewards to unlock chests, collect powerful new cards and update existing ones.
  • Destroy the towers of the opponent and win crowns for chests.
  • Build and update your collection letters with the new family of Clash Royale, plus dozens of troops, spells and defenses.
  • Progress through multiple Arenas on your way to the top.
  • Form a clan to share letters and create your own  community.
  • Challenge your fellow clan members and friends in a private duel.
  • Learn different battle tactics watching the best duels in the Royale television.

Clash Royale Cheats

Get Free Gems and Gold with this known and 100% working as of now site: Clash Royale Hack No Survey

Download Clash Royale APK from : Clash Royale APK from Google Play : Clash Royale APK from Itunes Store

Clash of Clans jewel box, see: Tips and Tricks

clash of clans tips and tricks

How can I find a jewel box in Clash of Clans, for more jewels in the app? One question that we have already seen quite a few times and so far we have never had the luck that we found such a jewel-box in our base. But as we recently once wanted to make a routine examination of our village, then we noticed the box of jewels in a little corner and we were pleased.Even though here quite more jewels could be in it, because we know, never enough of it can have in Clash of Clans, we asked the question, how do you get now more of the boxes. Unfortunately, the information on the Gemboxes very Rah are sown on the Internet, so we tried to take all important information on one page together. Incidentally, there are no cheat or other trick to more Clash of Clans jewel boxes get to, because the question was asked often below this article. Just because there are not so many ways for free diamonds and jewels in the app are the boxes a great way of variety and if a notice this when opening the own village, then already looking forward. But how can you get more jewel boxes and there are tips to increase the likelihood?

How do you recognize the jewel boxes?

One can recognize the Clash of Clans jewel boxes at a small chest that has a size of 2×2 fields estimated. The crate thereby dips on completely random and if you are not careful, you could almost think that this is a simple obstacle like a tree or rock have to be removed from the village.But if one looks more closely then you can see the green shining diamond very well and therefore the green color has made us it carefully.

The jewel box you can easily find after a conventional workers as another obstacle from your village removed with the only difference that you get for some jewels unlike other obstacles as a reward.

How can you find in Clash of Clans jewel boxes

Now we know how the jewel boxes appear, only the question arises how to find them more in Clash of Clans and if there is it a trick? We were looking for us like hours through the Internet and no real tips and tricks found on how to increase the likelihood that the emerging jewel boxes in their own village.Apparently this is completely random and based nothing can be done to increase the chance of any case which is our knowledge.

Some users report them, which they have strange get many boxes if you have repeatedly logged in on day. In an English Forum has, for example, someone wrote that this up to 10 to 15 times logged in the day and the number of cases has increased. Even though it sounds implausible, we tried it, but did not have much success with it.

Your tips and tricks

Do you know more tips for more Clash of Clans jewel boxes and how to find them? Please send us any videos or links to websites where an alleged jewel boxes can be found Cheat Clash of Clans.Something there is not us mostly the makers of soclhen Program only out your own computer or smartphone are trying with harmful goods. That is why we always advise against such alleged Clash of Clans Cheats for jewel boxes and generally more gems because there is no such and the use would not be allowed. You Can Use Clash of clans hack to get free unlimited Gems, Gold and Elixirs.

FIFA 16 Foul tips: shoot flat, Fake and other tricks

fifa 16 tips and tricks

How can I in FIFA 16 shooting better free kicks and share tips the ball lands often goal? Here you can find some kick tips for FIFA 16 on the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Xbox 360. The free-kick is still a very popular standard situation in FIFA 16 where you do not with the right players and especially the right tricks rarely has a good chance to score.Here are a like in real football everything is possible.Who wants to try it with a little luck, the bolzt the ball at the free-kick just full steam at goal or to make it a little savvy and deceptive to the kick and then plays the free kick. There are endless design possibilities that can lead to the goal. We Here we have a series of kick tips and tricks for FIFA 16th

FIFA 16: Tips for Better Freekicks

Thus, the free-kicks in FIFA 16 also end up in the goal, sometimes it does not just depend on luck, but also on the right strategy and tactics. Of course, also plays the player taking the free kick, a big role.But after the referee whistled and decided on the standard situation, one should first survey which option is the best. The one pass probably not good at can transform from an acute angle by a direct shot on goal and there would be better access to a pass or a snappy free kick, which would have to be clear. If you are not satisfied with the free kick taker, then you can switch over the shoulder buttons the player at any time.

FIFA shoot or cut 16 Foul directly

If you stand in front of the penalty area and there get a free-kick, then you can try again with a normal or slightly curled or being turned foul. In a wall, you should always aim possible between the heads, so the ball can fly even with a dip in some cases between the heads at goal.

When shooting power, it is not only the distance but also on the player. A value of two bars certainly a very good average with a good free kick taker and a distance of 15 and 25 meters.

  • Thus, the ball after the shot descends quickly you have to push forward during the startup phase the left stick. Thus, the ball falls faster and the chance of a gate is increased.
  • If you want to easily cut the ball at a free kick, then you simply have to press at the start-up phase the left stick in the appropriate direction.

FIFA 16 shooting Foul flat

With some luck you can by shooting the ball even under the wall. This of course is only a shallow kick, which can be managed as follows.

  • To shoot a free-kick flat You have shoulder button LB and hold L1 and press the shot button.
  • Loading the shot depending on players to about one to two bars.
  • While the player starts to shoot You have to now press the left stick forward so the ball is shot flat over the lawn.

FIFA shoot 16 free kick

Who wants the ball with force goal and where the distance is perhaps a little greater than 20 meters, which should follow the following tip-kick. Select a familiar player with a good shot power and run from a hard kick. Moreover, you will invite to the shot bar for approximately 70 to 80 percent, and depending on which position you shoot, you hold the left stick forward left or right front.

FIFA 16 Fake kick and let players run on ball

A kick-trick was seen not only by Thomas Müller in the World Cup but is also commonly used always happy. In FIFA 16 you can use a trick to kick feint and allow a player to run through the ball. Thereby you can confuse the opponent and hopefully to put the ball precisely in the target.

  • You can take a player running on the ball can be where you are holding the upper shoulder pressing [RB / R1] and pressing the weft and Customize button. This trick also works with two players.
  • After feinting you can submit the ball and shoot by hitting on the gamepad [LT / L2].
  • You can not only end with a direct low shot or a pass, but also make the ball through the feint kick. Holding [RB / R1] and the passport and shot button and press the pass button to play the ball in the barrel.

For more great tips we can again recommend the following video. The player Ovvy is very detailed in various positions at the kick shoot and gives tips. One can also learn about the perfect shooting power.

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